Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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You say that from the family's point of view, I hope that my father has a good end, but he and your mother have been divorced for 8 years, and you lived abroad again, presumably will not take care of him and stay with you in your later years. You are so hard to control him, in addition to selfishness, thought he was not happy? Although in your description, the three children and daughters are not inflow, but the father still lives with them, and for the sake of the future of the three daughters, ready to send her to study abroad, out of her current degraded state. Explain that he is still very kind. On the one hand, accept your obstruction, do not remarry with the three children, and retain your love for you. On the other hand, it is also reasonable for him to take care of illegitimate children out of his father's responsibility. (If I didn't understand it correctly, was the daughter of the three born with your father?)

I don't know how much of your anger in your chest comes from the growth memories of your native family. You may have been derailed by your father from an early age. You have been entangled with your child in Primary Three, witnessing your mother's injury, and being surrounded by a suppressed atmosphere. When you grow up, you can't get rid of this kind of shadow even if you become a family member. Those who destroy the family hate it and think that they should be punished as they deserve, and they deserve no love or care. In other words, almost all big tits hope that Xiao San will not be as good as a dog even if she snatches her husband. If she is better than herself, Versace Sunglasses Replica it will be difficult to resolve her hate. Grandma's children feel the same as community victims.

The daughter of Primary Three is actually a victim. It is also because of her parents. Since she was young, she cannot live a normal life. She does not get a complete family and she does not have a complete fatherly love. She seems to be born low. You obstructed your father's remarriage and directly harmed her interests (she also wanted to have a home), so she wanted someone to marry you. Afterwards, it was related to this influence. She herself was innocent and she was guilty of her unselectable birth. He is a white rabbit in front of your father. It is not a disguise. Her heart is longing for light and pure, and she also admires your decent life. But you don't want to let her go, as if she were whitewashed and you don't agree with the causal theory of evil.