Wednesday, June 19, 2019

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celine edge sunglasses replica install an elevator, do you have to compensate the bottom user? According to the renovation of the old building, installing the elevator, changing the plan, there is a certain noise and lighting effect for the bottom user, and also includes the construction impact, so it should be given certain compensation. In other words, the elevator is installed to facilitate the high-rise and meet the requirements of most owners. The underlying users have the obligation to tolerate, but they should also be compensated. As for the amount of compensation, it can be assessed or determined, celine audrey sunglasses replica or the government can give a guide price.

It is recommended that relevant departments introduce specific regulations for installing elevators in old buildings to avoid and reduce such disputes.
the 56-year-old Deng Dazhao was sent at the high-speed railway peak station on the west line of Hainan. Due to a dispute with the ticket inspector Zou, the pit stop was stunned and died. Notice of Appraisal Opinions indicates that Deng Mou's death cause is consistent with death from circulatory and respiratory failure due to acute exacerbation of coronary atherosclerotic heart disease on the basis of chronic nephritis and renal failure; disputes and beatings may induce crown Acute heart attack.

Celine Replica Sunglasses Wholesale the investigation of the case of suspected intentional injury was terminated and transferred to the procuratorate for review and prosecution. Previously, the high-speed rail station said that they have no responsibility, it is the personal behavior of a certain person. The relevant person in charge of the Guangdong-Haizhou Railway Co., Ltd. said that the case of intentional injury has been transferred to the judicial authorities, which expressed sympathy and apology to the families of the deceased. At the same time, it respected the investigation conclusions of the judicial organs and the results of the court judgment; after the court made the judgment, Celine Women's Sunglasses Replica the company should bear The responsibility of the company will not be shirked, replica gucci belt and how much compensation should be paid.

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